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Wright Crane Service Past Projects

Crane Service Prescott Az

Job Site:   Paulden Az

Contractor:   Pioneer Log Homes   British Columbia Canada   

Logistics :   This was a log stack that came out of Canada. The house was delivered on 4 different trucks...

Crane Service Flagstaff Az

Job Site:   Flagstaff Az

Contractor:  North American Development Company

Logistics:    This was a log stack that was made by Yellowstone Log homes out of Rigby Idaho. 

Note:  ..

Shed Move Sedona Az

Job Site :    Sedona Az

Customer:   Private Home Owner

Logistics:     This was a 20 by 10 Weather King shed that was finished inside to make it a Cabin .  The customer was moving to Prescott..

Shipping Container Moving

Job Site:                  Prescott Valley Az

Contractor:              Holiday Inn Express
Logistics: &nbs..

Shed Move Dewey Az

Job Site:            Dewey Az

Contractor:        Walter Logan

Logistics:           Wright Crane Service brought in there new 624 T Shed mule to a..

Paulden Az , Erection of 2 pre-engineered steel beam buildings

Job Site:         Paulden Az     
Contractor:     Pat Fagan
Logistics:        Pat Fagan hired us to erect 2 custom pre-engineered steel buildings. The shop structure was 4..

Flagstaff Az Crane Service

Job Site:            Flagstaff Az.     Crane Service
Contractor:        Home Owner
Logistics:          The art gallery arranged for the delivery and th..

The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, Sedona Az

Job Site:        The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. Sedona Az
Contractor:    G4 Builders      Phone # 602-441-4550
Logistics:       A major addition to the Hiltons fine din..

Williams Az Hvac replacement.

Job Site:     Williams Az    "Circle K "
Contractor:   Icon Mechanical    
Logistics:    Lifted 3 units up and took 3 units down. 
Notes:       Worked with Omar on ..

Timber Frame House

Job Site:            Prescott Valley, Az
Contractor:      Dean Dudden             Phone #     (928-925-4355) 

Light Poles

Job Sight:           City of Prescott Transfer Station. 
Contractor:         AJP Electric, Phoenix Az            Phone # (602-944-5477)
Logistics:   &n..

Crane Service Flagstaff Az

Job Site:       Flagstaff Az
Contractor:   Climate Control Resources          Phone #  (928-533-6813)
Logistics:      Remove existing refrigeration unit and replace with n..

HVAC Change out

Job Site:           Dewey,  Az
Contractor:       Quad City Heating and Air Conditioning        Phone # (928-772-6929)
Logistics:         Saturday morni..

Tree removal in Prescott Az

Job Site:             Williamson Valley, Az
Contractor:         Kenco Tree Services         Phone #   (928-445-5754)
Logistics:          ..

Truss Job in Prescott Az

Job Site:             Prescott,   Az
Contractor:         A-Z Crane Service          Phone #   (928-830-2130)
Logistics:         &nb..

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